July 12, 2022

Barry Shore, the Joy Ambassador shares his tips on How To Live Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier.

Known as the “Ambassador of JOY,” Barry Shore is a mental health activist, philanthropist, multi-patent holding entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcaster, and former quadriplegic who is now swimming around the world!

After a rare disease paralyzed Barry from the neck down, he created the JOY of LIVING Institute™ (a platform that teaches people to live in joy, no matter the situation), The Keep Smiling movement that has reached multiple celebrities and distributed millions of “Keep Smiling” cards worldwide, and his  philanthropic platform featured in Oprah’s Magazine.

Barry’s podcast, The JOY of LIVING, is heard globally by hundreds of thousands and has over three million downloads.

His latest book, The Joy of Living: How to Slay Stress and Be Happy is available on Amazon and Apple Books.

In this episode we talk about:
-How to create more joy
-The importance of positive self talk
-How to live a stress free life
-The power of gratitude
-The art of giving and receiving
-Why we need to shift our perspective
-How to create more health and wealth

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Bright Side of Life means to me the ability to serve and to give and to enable everyone and anyone that I speak to touch the positive, purposeful, powerful, pleasant essence of you. Welcome to The Bright Side of Life, a podcast where people share their personal stories of struggles, pain and grief. But through all of that, they are still able to find the joys in life. Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week's episode of the bright side of life. I am your host Melissa bright and today we are talking to the ambassador of joy. Yes, today I'm talking to Barry Shor who has known who is known as the ambassador of joy. Barry is a mental health activist, philanthropist, multi patent holding entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcaster and former quadriplegic who is now swimming around the world. After a rare disease paralyzed Barry from the neck down he created the joy of living Institute, a platform that teaches people to live in joy no matter what the situation. They keep smiling movement that has reached multiple celebrities and distributed millions of Keep smiling cards worldwide and his philanthropic falam I can't say the word philanthropy topic platform was featured in Oprah's magazine. So Barry's podcast also the joy of living is heard globally globally by hundreds of 1000s and has over 3 million downloads. And his latest book, which we're going to talk about the joy of living how to slay stress and be happy is available on Amazon and Apple books, which of course we'll talk about later. Barry, welcome to the show. How are you on this joyous morning, good day beautiful, bountiful be loving immortal beings and good looking people that wonderful, Melissa, I make the categorical statement that the 1000s or 10s of 1000s of people that are watching listening to the bright side are all good looking. Because by definition, when they tune in to listen to you and the bright side, it means they're always looking for the good. That's a good looking person, always looking for and finding the good in life. I'm so happy to be here with you today. I love that you sing because I am always singing on here. Like sometimes I'll be like, hello everyone. And I'm like singing instead of and when I saw I've seen some of your videos and you're only always singing and I'm like, Yes, this is awesome. Well, song is one of those greats expressions that emanates directly from the heart, the soul, the inner being. So I urge everybody saying when you can, we'll talk about that some practical things that we can do today to get through the stuff that people are facing at the moment. Wonderful, Melissa? Yes, I love it. I love it. Okay, so I read your entire story on your website. And I honestly don't know where to begin. But I think where I want to start is the pivotal moment of first when you were 22 when you had your first big accident, because I feel that was probably the life one of the first life altering moments for you. But I would also like to say that Barry has created so many successful things patents, making millions of dollars. I mean, this man has been at it since he's been to two years old, 10 years old, just has this business mindset. But then when things happen in life, they kind of put you into a halt. So is that okay? If we start there you we can always go backwards? Well, it's not okay for regular people. It's wonderful. Love it. Let's set the stage as we can. So everybody listening get all these wonderful 1000s of good looking people and we are always looking for and finding the good. So thank you, Melissa for inviting me to share with people share by the way we work with the three fundamentals of life. The three fundamentals are number one, life, your life has purpose. Number two, when you lead a purpose driven life, you can go mad now in this case, Mads a wonderful acronym, is make a difference. You need a purpose driven life, you make a difference in the world. And the third fundamental is to uncover and unlock the power and the secrets of everyday words in terms simple example. Right now. This wonderful show is being carried worldwide worldwide through this magical mystical platform called the Internet. You ask anybody what does www stand for? They'll tell you how to do to net, factually speaking the correctness of our world, the world of the positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant www stands for what a wonderful were. And what is a word wha TA? Well, I don't wonderful world. So the young to uncover the power, the secrets, everything was in turn, makes a difference in your life because this show is wonderful as Melissa is. It's not about her. Nobody's great as Barry sure is not about him. But this show is only and always about you. Why? Oh, you and here's the proof. Melissa said, I'm the ambassador of joy woods. True. Joy is a great acronym. It stands for journey of you. So I'm going to talk about some things in my life. But really, it applies to you why oh, you because when you're the best you you make the world a better place. Right, Melissa? Oh, absolutely. Oh, joy and harmony in the world, no matter what you're going through. So imagine the following. Standing up in the morning, Hale and hardy Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. And that evening, be in the hospital totally, completely paralyzed. Not an automobile accident, not a spinal injury, rare diseases I never heard of the day before, to go with my body and cause me to be totally paralyzed, called a quadriplegic. Nothing in my body moved my neck down. All I could do was blink my eyes to communicate. That's a major overnight change, right? Yeah. Imagine that happening. All of this is part and parcel of what I do in the world, which is to spread joy, happiness and peace and love. So I speak about this. And I say there was one word one word, which enabled me not just to get through this, but to emerge like the butterfly the chrysalis right in the womb. And say, I'm here to serve and that word is smile. While is an amazing acronym that you can internalize utilize and leverage in your life. This will make a shift for you. Smile stands for seeing miracles in life every day. seeing miracles life right now when I speak to groups now and thank God the masquerade is over. So I'm speaking real human beings. Just about a week or so ago, I was speaking to a nice group 1183 people were in nice group, right? Yeah. About the story. Barry shows talking about smile, seeing miracles live every day. And people raise their hands in a very short version of it for hours or FCMB. Miracles. People like that. Right? And they ask, are you here? Can you hear? Can you stand still, I can't Can you walk I can tell you that you have water, drink food to eat a place to eat, sleep, family, friends, every single one of those is a miracle. Here's a simple proof simplest fruitfulness. A million people didn't get out of bed this morning. You know why they died. By definition. If you're listening to this or watching it, you didn't write well you have an obligation to live life to the flow. You live on the bright side. So what I'd like to share what I gotta tell you quick story though. This happened just a couple weeks ago. My eight year old niece comes over to me and she says Uncle Barry uncle Barry. We spell smile. smi el and I thought about a smile smile smile the same. Why not? asked How come? She says because then it would stand for seeing miracles in everyday life. Of an eight year old right? What was she doing? She was creating the kind of world she wants to live in that wonderful acronym. It says a causing rethinking, enabling all to excel rethink, you're in charge of your thoughts. And we're going to talk about this in more depth Melissa, I know because we discussed before the show that the six most important words you could ever internalize, utilize and leverage in your life are the following. You want to write these down? Or go back and glutenin say this again. The six most important words in your life are choice, not chance, determines your destiny. Choice, not chance determines your destiny. Wait a minute, bearishly did you choose to be paralyzed quadriplegic for years, 144 days in the hospital. Two years in a hospital bed in my own home I controlled by myself for years in a wheelchair. I had braces on both my legs, my hips to my ankles. That was progress. Thank God today we'll be vertical and ambulatory both of the seven foot walking one. But I still can't walk up the stairs by myself. I can't walk up a curl my visa. I have helped 12 hours a day, seven days a week. But you hear my voice. Positive, purposeful, powerful and pleasant because of that word, smile see miracles and life every day. It's up to you know how do you choose to respond to any given situation? That's the power that you have. Yeah, that's why I'm here. That's why Melissa is here. We had to bring out the bright side of life. I love that. And this is what I feel is happening right now. And this is something that I want to bring more and more to light, because there are so many people there. So many people out there going through something currently. And they might want to, like smack us in the face right now and say, I just can't see that. i What are you talking about? Okay, you've done this. And Melissa, you've had your parents die, but, but I'm here right now. And I really am sad. And I'm that and I feel that I know that because sometimes I have been there to where I just can't see a solution or I'm pessimistic or I feel like a victim and sometimes we are victims not saying that. What did you do? Because I know you didn't just you know, for four years or whatever, you aren't just like all happy and rainbows. You did go through some depression and anxiety and worry. What did you do in those moments to pull yourself out? Because that's where people are right now. Even right now maybe they're having a bad day because of something happening. Hidden. This is maybe not getting through to them. Let's be blunt. Hello, Barry Shor. It was easy for you to say you're handsome in your love. And you're not a quadriplegic anymore, even though you can only move parts of your body, but you can move some of your body and I mean, you got millions of dollars, which I did I lost millions of dollars. Always the way it seems on the bio and such where it come up. What about me? You say like I can do all this? Well, I talk about sad a lot. Sad is an acronym. It stands for stress, anxiety, depression, and I call it SAP D, and disconnect. And the D last V that disconnect. That's the most difficult to work with. Stress, anxiety, depression. Hey, come on. It's life. We're going to talk a lot. Can we dive deep into stress right now? Well, gosh, let's do it. Oh, look. Well, this I mentioned that I learned how to swim. We'll talk about that later in detail. And I swim now. Thank God two miles a day, six days a week. Yeah, I'm crazy. I love it. The fact that I can do it. Now I have to use special devices. I have things on my legs that keep them from falling out that call floatation devices. I wear paddles because my fingers don't close like other people do. I use the snorkel. But hey, I swim two miles 100 plus minutes, Bill unstopping. Wow, come on. But let's talk about me, Barry. Sure. Come on, I got stressed I got anxiety I got back. But the disconnect. That's the one we want to talk we want to build a bridge. We want to create connection, because it connected with yourself. Yes, we do self and then other people, then things begin to happen then that bright side comes up and you become the sunflower. Okay, some flowers droop sometimes. Just talking about stress. I love that it is that which is the most common. It's there every moment. And it always arises from the same three difficulties. Same three issues like you get to choose though your response introduces what are the same three issues every human being money, either too much or too little. You that too much. You have to look relationships of all human with oneself. I'm going to talk about that. And health. Those are the three stressors in life, right? Either yourself health issues, or somebody very close to you has something that you know about that is debilitating and causing all kinds of difficult money, relationship health, everybody has them. Every single human being pain exists. Suffering is optional. So let's take a look at this amazing word called stress. Remember, I work with acronyms. When you uncover the power and the sequence of these terms and words. Now you could be in control and we do have control of who you are. You become happier. healthier, and wealthier. I guarantee it guarantee or your money back. Okay. Trust an acronym. Everyone knows how to spell it. s t r e ss, right. Stress stands for stomach turning reality. Enabling self sabotage. You know what happened? I lost my job. We might lose the house. My cousin committed suicide. The kids are going to school the country's falling apart. Yeah, people either do that outwardly. Or they do it inside, but they're walking around as if they're, you know, they do the business, they go to work they do. But inside, that's what they're doing. They're screaming, they're folding out. They're curling up, and, and you want to be expansive. Yeah. That's how people approach stress. Okay, you got bearish on the show? Come on show, what are you going to do about this? Let's take a look and understand the word from another perspective. Now, when I call this shift in perspective, now, listen, you got to understand something. When I deal with people, sometimes one on one, sometimes by the 1000s, when they come to my webinars, or I talked about shift and for some reasons, Melissa, people drop the F and shift. And the other stuff happens. Whether the F and careful about your F's shift happens. Keep that F in there where the other stuff happens. Yeah, happens. Let's take a look at stress now from a different point of view. Ready? Stomach turning reality? Yes, you may have lost your job, you may lose the house, your cousin did commit suicide. The kids are going crazy and country's falling apart, going through all kinds of stuff happening. Enabling self success. Enabling self success, member. Choice, not chance determines your destiny. How do you respond in any given situation? I'm a quadriplegic. I can't even speak and communicate my eyes. How do you respond? You say Wow, thank you. God, this is wonderful. Well, hello, that's an idiot. You deal with it? What do you do now? What do you do with what you have? Stomach turning reality, the write it down, look at it, what's going on in your life, write those things down. Enabling self success because I'm going to choose to respond in a positive purpose a little powerful, pleasant way. I'm going to challenge you to listen something that are very, very important and it to easily said that comes out of people's mouths. Somebody's having a bad day. I'm asked often come on Barry. Sure. Look at you. Okay, you're handsome. You're wonderful. You got people love you. Both those things make a difference. Okay. You know, I still can't sit up for this chair, from the waist. And pretty much, you know, can't move my feet now. Who cares? What am I talking about to myself? Let's look at something amazing. Bad day. People ask me very sure. Have you ever had a bad day? My simple answer is no. least not in 61 years that I know about since the age of 12. No, now have stuff has stuff happened to me in the course of a day, which is really untoward and difficult in something I'd rather not have. But I do have now like being paralyzed or losing money or having relationship issues. But that's for the moment. Is it going to affect my entire day? let it ruin my entire day because I got a flat tire on the way to work. You know, the boss doesn't like me, or I don't like this. Well, that's crumbling, that's complaining and blaming. We talk about my book. My book is called the joy of living, how to slay stress and be happy. And I'm going to do something amazing now for all the people listening. Melissa is free. What? The book is free. I'm giving away. So we have a somebody who likes me a lot and loves the message. And this couple men and women they're paying for distribution of 10,000 free ebooks. Oh my gosh are you want this book and this book will help you. This will help shift. Keep that afternoon your perspective. Just an email to me Barry Barry shore.com Barry ber ry at Barry shore Daikon ba RR y Shi read.com and put in the subject line. Melissa? Bright either way, right. So your choice. You're getting a copy of the book, rocks. The book is there is called 11 strategies, living in joy daily. It can happen. That is amazing. Barry, I just want to stop you and say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm going to be one of your first that does this right after this podcast. By the way when Melissa just did is so critical and important everybody listening. Thank God 1000s Maybe 10s of 1000s of people listen to Malala Melissa, in the bright side of life, what she just did is the essence of being an adult, of the essence of being successful. Of the essence of being happier, healthier, wealthier. I take action. Yeah, I take action. I do this. In the book, you'll see a great line. Later is the first step to never late oh my gosh, I love that. Yeah, I'll do that later. Later is the first step to never you got to learn to use remember talking about uncovering the power in the sequence of everyday words. And, by the way, I'm gonna tell everybody right now I use a lot of four letter words. I love them. Even you will that are fu word. I do it for the shock value and it's fun. But the four letter words that we use elicit because we live in the world of the positive purpose of power from Pleasant our life. love, hope, free gift, give, swim, pray, play surf. letter F, your word is fun. Fun. F fu capital N capital N. I know some of you have fans right now that raise their hand to a very short, very short Funzone spell with three letters not in our world. The world of the positive purpose with Paul for pleasant fun is spelled F U, capital N capital N. So after this show, when you see your family and friends, you put a smile on your face. But let's see us we're seeing miracles live with a twinkle in your eye which means that if you everybody ever to add right away capital and that's it. Well, I listened to Melissa on the bright side of life. And she had on this crazy guy Barry Schwartz says he wants to teach the world to FU Black couple. So what's that all they said? Well, now you can start talking to them about being good looking member always looking for and finding the good. Choice, not chance. Tell the story about stress, stomach turning reality no matter what it is enabling self success. You are in charge. My niece my eight year old niece taught me that you can tell smile as mi El. Why not? What are you doing to make sure that you are shifting your perspective and the F is there and not the other stuff? Right? Yep. So let's talk about you know, something you said thank you. Yeah. I would love to use that as a segue. By the way. It's a great word, right? S e g, u e. It's so fun. You look at the word income several weeks ago. Okay, French. Let's do something practical. Let's do it. I mean, because people that come on Barry show, I know it's all graded, the end up there, the fluff and this, give me something I can do right now. Today. I don't want to download an app. I don't want to go to a website, what can I do? That's going to help me shift my perspective and get me to be what I am a good looking person. Maybe a good looking show is looking for in finding a good. We're going to do three things, three practical things that you can do right now, wherever you are in the world. Are you ready? Wonderful, Melissa, I'm ready. Let's do it. Okay, drum roll, fanfare number one, number one, number one, breathe. Breathe. I'm I'm very short. Of course, I'm breathing. I'm listening to you. I'm here. I'm breathing. I'm alive. Fine. That's called shallow breathing. It's automatic. You don't have to think about it when I want to do what Melissa and I want to do together is to begin to instruct you in something that's going to help you shift your perspective. It's called Deep breathing. It's called diaphragmatic. Breathing. Now the only difficulty with that is I tell people 99.2% of people can't spell diaphragm. And they don't even know where it is and your body can be breathing. Breathe in through your nose. Conscious loving breath is what I call it deep into your tummy area and going to let it out slowly through your mouth. And that takes anywhere from eight to 12 seconds, depending on how long you do this. And what I do like like Teach this on my YouTube channel. You can find it go to my website. I can instruct you how to do I've helped 10s of 1000s of people. When you breathe this way deep tell me breathing. Four breaths that's it for conscious loving breath is critical. When say take a breath. You're going to use it allow a ll O. W, allow for conscious of your breath into the nose deep into me and out. For that's it was it and take us into your minute. Yep, you do it twice a day, once before noon once afternoon. So yes, I do this within the first 180 seconds when I get up in the morning. And I do this one of the last things I do before I go to sleep twice a day, 11 days in a row, Melissa. And you'll hear like later, 11 days in a row twice a day, once before noon, it's afternoon. By the 12th day of the practice, you'll be consciously calm and aware. There'll be you can touch and access the positive, purposeful, powerful, pleasant essence of you. And here's what's going to happen, you're going to open up and unclog the twin channels of giving and receiving. Here this everybody, the twin channels of giving and receiving, they're both flowing from you. And most people are clogged in one area or the other like clogged arteries. And the result is going to be you're going to experience greater intimacy than you have in decades, you're going to reignite the electric touch. Imagine that greater intimacy and reignite the electric touch 11 days in row by the 12th day this will happen. Have you ever miss a session or a day? Don't go crazy. Just be good again, you want to get 11 days in a row once the flu news and get into that rhythm as well say it happens. It happens you're gonna flood, Melissa, with all kinds of accolades and Melissa is great. I love it. It works. Okay. Number one. Now, who wants to number two? I'm talking about a good number two. Drumroll fanfare that I've said this already. Wonderful, Melissa, I'm going to riff on you. Practical, gratitude, practice gratitude. How do you do that? You're going to learn to use the two most powerful words in the English language consciously and conscientiously. Consciously. What are the two most powerful words in English language? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks stands for to harmonize and network kindness to harmonize a network kindness the Dalai Lama has been quoted as saying read his writings. Be kind whenever possible. As he says it's always possible. You go to the coffee shop or your fancy latte, you sit down somebody brings it to you say thank you. You go to the coffee shop, you already face it, sit down a couple of minutes go by number of things do go the cons and say, Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, we'll get to the minute and then go back as does somebody calls your name or they bring it to you still say thank you. You're walking out coffee shop. It's raining out. Somebody holds the door open for you. You say thank you. Yeah, you're walking out the coffee shop threatening somebody slams the door and you you say thank you, your traffic, you're late for the blame. Somebody cuts you off. You say thank you get to the middle of the night you stub your toe and it hurts. You say thank you to harmonize and network kindness. Kind is an amazingly powerful acronym. It stands for keep inspiring, noble deeds. That's who you are. People are watching you. Whether you have children or not. Whether you're friends or not somebody watching you what you do in your life makes a difference. Keep inspiring noble deeds behind us the two most powerful words in English language three times a day, that's all conscious and content that you will help yourself, your family, your friends and all living beings. Isn't that wonderful? Isn't this wonderful? Yes, that's two. Ready for number three. Number three is going to shake you up. You're gonna say what the heck did he say? Get ready for number three. Number three practical tip that you can use today. And it will help shift your perspective and give you greater health, happiness and maybe even wealth. Number three, learn to love dog poop. The Bearish would you say dog? Yes. Learn to Love dog poop? What the heck is he tiny? Dog? Remember, we've worked with acronyms, right? We uncovered the power and the secrets of everyday words and terms. And dog poop is kind of every day, isn't it? Yeah. You see it. Learn to love dog poop. Yes, God stands for doing of good power of one person. Ah, when you realize the power that you have, in your thoughts, your words and your deeds, you won't have negative thoughts. You won't use damaging speech. You will do good things in the world. Tooling have good power of one person, one person reaching out to another reaching out to another reach out to another begins the little reveal it goes into maybe a stream into a river and into an ocean into a tsunami of goodness is nothing in the world. There is no physical barrier that can stop you in the goodness that you do. You do it with a smile you do with a thank you. You do it because you're helping somebody. You know how good it feels to you. When it does the other person is enormous. Learn to love dog poops when you are today. What the heck was he talking about? But I'm gonna try that with your friend you have a dog in charge he or she has a dog you cleaning them say hey, did you know I love dog poop? What are you? Doing good? What if one person because when you do recognize who you are, remember this shows not about bearish on Melissa, but dou y o u Joy stands for journey of you. You becoming the best CEO because we knew the best we build bridges you create more harmony in the world. You bring more joy, happiness, peace and love. You can love dog poop. You know, there's no app for it. I'd like to maybe I should make an app. Yeah, one poop out what? Three practical tips and tools. These are tools that you can use immediately to day in your life. Choose one, two or three. They tend to flow with each other into each other. But your choice and you will see stress in a whole different light. Yes, the turning reality come on stuff is tough. I mean, I know. I mean, I know. I've been through stress, anxiety, depression, worry, fear. I know. Yeah. But you can help move and it's it's a tiny shift. When that f is in there. You watched your F and F's. That's what happened. The shift in perspective, it's tiny. But it works. It works. Oh, wonderful. I love something I was something I want to note here is I have heard forever principles, tools, practices for like, however long. And they all sounded good. This sound great. Whatever Barry says this, this is awesome. The key to everything that Barry is telling you is you have to you must put it in practice, you have to act on it. You can't say Oh, I learned from this berry guy that I need to practice gratitude. That sounds cool. But then you never do it. You will not notice these changes in your life until you do them. And I'm going to tell you this deep breathing is not something I knew about anxiety that it could literally heal it in about five deep breaths, maybe four until somebody came on my thing and I truly sincerely listened to them and all the benefits and what it does to your nervous system. And I'm like oh my god where why did I not listen? Five years ago when somebody said try this. So all this stuff you probably have heard before Well, maybe not these crazy acronyms like dog poop, but you have to put them in practice to be able to see it. Not just say oh, that sounds good. Cool. I know I know now have to practice some. Melissa bright is one of the most energizing, bright, bountiful beautiful beloved beings ever had the pleasure of interacting with connecting with because what she just said is critical and vital to you. label means vitality life. Action is the key The AC T I O N I have acronyms because hundreds and hundreds of because I want people to leave and say what did he say? Get the book. It's free. Get the book, read about this. But as she says do these things are part of one of the things I'd like to mention. Again, it can't be said enough, you don't have to do all three. You know to sit down in a yoga position, just choose one and use breathing for breaths in the morning in the afternoon and before noon. And thank you, consciously, conscientiously. Learn to love dog poop. Let's talk about something that's also right in the same wheelhouse. Yeah, that is something that really shifted for me. For me it swimming. Swim is a four letter word, I love it. So I know it's hard for people to imagine it was for me also, because I didn't do it. I became paralyzed at the age of 55. And until that I did I know how to swim. Yes, that I enjoy swimming. Not really, because takes a lot of work and a lot of greens. Because some elaborate to find love in a drought. I think hopefully, I didn't do I did other things. But I actually say exercise, of course, is a physiological and psychological benefit to your being. I didn't say your body's your being. I think everybody knows what a chiropractor is right? I don't have to explain nothing your honest thoughts and go to a chiropractor, here she goes. Okay, now you're in alignment, and you sort of carry yourself better and it lasts whatever does an hour, day week, whatever until next visit? Well, what we want to do what we're doing today with Melissa, is were urging every one of you to become your own spiritual chiropractor. In other words, get yourself in alignment. How do you do that? Well, when your thoughts are rooted in good and your speech, your words are rooted in good. And your deeds are rooted in good remember dog doing good. When you align your thoughts, your words and your deeds. Now, guess what? You are your own spiritual chiropractor. And you're in alignment and you begin to flow. So I want to do something really wild with you, Melissa right now, but Melissa is going to be I'm ready body ment, of all the 10s of 1000s of people that are here. So everybody can do the same thing if you want. Just get a piece of paper write this down. So he'd be kind enough wonderful. Melissa, write the letter O on a piece of paper. Got it. Good. Now put an L in front of it. Okay. And now how do you pronounce that? Well, okay. I'll be with the other end. Okay, now we're How do you pronounce that? Hello? Oh, okay. Now put an F in front of the L. flow. Flow, right? So if you look at Melissa's thumbnail of her show, she has a sunflower lots of sunflowers. Right. The only issue is that, until this moment, she was mispronouncing the word. Because those are really flowers. Oh, I love that. I mean, isn't that what they are and others of you look at a garden and you walk by them, maybe there's dog poop in there too. And you look all these things coming up. And you recognize that they don't just they're they're not made out of plastic. They have vitality, there's something in them. There's literally keeping them alive, right? And they are flowing. Those are flowers because that's how you pronounce that's how you should pronounce I don't know why we did another way when everything you're looking at now is a slower so when you look at those flowers in a garden, you know the next thing you think about you bring it back to you. You are a flowing being you ever have go to a doctor you have a stethoscope. You have a listen with a stethoscope to your insides your heart beating, blood flowing blood flows. Hello. Flows. Yeah, it doesn't just stay the Euro flow around. Yep, that's why you want spiritual chiropractic because you will slower and when you are in that what realm of being a flower guess what happens? You begin to beam and your whole being takes on your your inner persona. So let's talk about the most important speech in the world. We have a few Minutes. We're gonna talk about the most important speech most important words you'll ever hear. And Melissa, you know this right away. It's not from a radio. It's not thank, God forbid, from a television, or the anything on the, you know, Instagram or any of that nothing. Those words don't even matter. What are the only words that matter? It's called self talk? Am I right? Absolutely right. self talk, what you say to yourself makes all the difference. It is the only difference. But people oftentimes I, again, we won't do it because I do in these big webinars and seminars. And as people, you know how many people here how many people here today want to be mediocre? Raise your hand. So, I work with 1000s of people, whether it's physical or website, I don't see hands go up. Nobody came and use their times. Yeah, I want to be mediocre. It's not what you want. You want to be great. You want to be the best you can? Is that how you speak with yourself? Well, from now forward, you're going to we're going to learn about self talk. So self is an amazing acronym. We're gonna give acronyms just like dog poop, hello. Create. Self to levels in the self is what we call the lower self. And the higher self. The lower self stands for seeking excitement. Losing focus. Right? It's the next shiny object. Oh, here we go. What's gonna happen? What's that? You know? It's hard for people sit still for 38 seconds. Whether it's texting, looking something, seeking excitement, losing focus. Yeah. The higher self is the following. Recognizing that you are a soul, experiencing life fully. And as a soul experiencing life fully. Your self talk becomes positive, purposeful, powerful, unpleasant, because talk stands for teaching. Always love and kindness. Teaching, always loving kindness. I don't know if Melissa speaks about but she is blessed with a 12 year old daughter at this moment. Trinity. Yep. When Melissa speaks with Trinity, she speaks teaching, always love and kindness. Yeah, the other stuff doesn't work. It doesn't work for another person. It's certainly good for you. So imagine the following. Your best friend calls you up. So I need to speak with you. I need your help. And they're in tears and stuff is happening. Can I come over? Well, you know, say yes. Something go on my calendar and make an appointment. You don't do that is your best friend. Yeah, okay. Yeah, that's over and start telling you reality. They've lost the house job. somebody commits suicide stuff. Up, but there's your best friend. Are you thinking gee, I wonder when this is going to end or you know, hello. You there. You just come in here. You know, just a big giant ear you listen. And yes. What can I tell them about this? You just listen because you want to integrate and see well, how you can dust help. How you can best serve who am I? Correct. My correction is 100%. Everybody's saying yes. And then you'll think about it isn't? Let me think on this. Let's talk about maybe you'll have to speak to them later in the day or the next day. To help calm and make sure that the person understand. Yeah, this is tough stuff. We're gonna get through this. We're gonna get through this. That's your best friend. Who's your real best friend? Yeah. Why? Oh, yeah. Is that how you speak with yourself? Is that how you listen to yourself? Do you always teaching love and kindness self talk? And it doesn't mean by the way that when something happens untoward or you made a mistake, hey, people do I made mistake? Hello, I'm Barry. Sure. Yes. But do you start beating yourself up? Because if you do, where's the benefit? Right. Now do you say you know something? Just lost a million dollars. That's cool. Well, hello, you got to analyze gotta look, you have to learn To become honest with oneself, yeah, that takes action. That's work work as a four letter word which ends in K. It's a four letter word that ends in K takes work. But the benefits, the results are absolutely amazing. Would you like to have greater intimacy in your life, reignite the electric touch to unclog the twin channels of giving and receiving? That all happens from breathing deeply from using Thank you consciously and conscientiously, and loving dog poop and learning to use self talk, you're a soul you have to define it though you wouldn't be lower self or higher self, your soul experiencing life fully. Teaching always love and kindness. being open, being honest with yourself, and stuff shifts, shift keep that F in there, and you'll start seeing the results by the way, quickly. Begin to work with yourself open on his caring giving, and saying okay, better Sure. I'm going to follow Melissa's advice. I am taking action now. Now, and until the rebuttals are still now correct three letter words these stands for no other way. Now, later, later is the first step to number now and o-w. When you do that, guess what happens? You own it will own is the same three letters, right? O wn stands for only with now when you begin to live and then now you own it. And guess what happens? You've won. You've won the lottery. So one, w o n with only now. Be here now. Use the now and you'll find that things begin to happen. Say wow, look at that. Wow. Words of Wisdom. Words of wonder as well. Sense work? Yeah, stuff works. Yeah. And then you want to work because it multiplies. It's exponential become Melissa, you become bright. You live on the bright side of life, my stance or living inspirationally for eternity. You're not just here for a limited time. You're an eternal being. Then when you see things that way, gives that happens. You unlock the positive, purposeful, powerful, pleasant essence of you. While you you live in joy daily, no matter the circumstances. Yes. Stress, anxiety, depression, just connection. A shift can make all the difference. Yes, smile, seeing miracles in life every day. Wow. I love it. I love it. I love it. I have a question for you really quickly. Have you read the book The Power of the subconscious mind? Absolutely. Read it, use it. Because what Melissa just said the power of the subconscious mind is exactly you know, the famous picture. But everybody knows what an iceberg looks like. Yep. You know, that's the famous picture we use. And an iceberg. Whatever you see above the waterline is a small fraction of what's below the waterline. And the genius The subconscious is, as Melissa was pointing out right now, is that your subconscious what's below the waterline? What's inside of you, your whole being is 95% of you. Well, why not nourish that 95% Instead of being an iceberg? How about being a garden with lots of flowers in it? You know, that's who you are you willing to use dog food, when you're in a good way, everything that happens for you is for your benefit. Imagine thinking that way? Because that's really what Melissa just asked me bearish for? Can you really use your subconscious mind to understand, understand fully cognitively, and internalize and everything that happens to you is for your benefit. Everything. Did I say wow, we can paralyze This is great. No, that's an idiot. But did I know that there's something going to happen eventually, it's going to be for my benefit. And the benefit. Thank God now millions of people around the planet. Absolutely. I still I'm swimming around the world. I have over 1623 miles, and I'm just gonna keep going until I'm gonna partner with Michael Phelps. Yes, you are two miles They understand two miles a day was 7000 miles a year, and will raise two cents a mile 20 bucks. For a year from hundreds of 1000s people raised millions of dollars for mental wellness, mental and they will track other people continuously. I mean, because it's 24 plus 1000 miles around the world. So I'd have to be 132 and make it by myself. But that's okay. So getting help partners because that's the other thing in life. Connect. Remember, sad is sad de stress, anxiety, depression, disconnect, you want to connect, the greatest part of life is connecting, is smiling, is singing. I have one more practical tip that I'd love to share with people if I may. Melissa's Absolutely. This to me is one of the greatest of all. If you can pull this off kids, everything will shift everything will shift. And I say this with great love and affection. It works better for were women than men for some reason. Not sweet. It just says, ready. It's a four letter word. Yep. Skip. Yeah. You remember, you know, walking is great. No question about it. I love remember, I'm a tripod, not a biped. I can't walk like you but I can be vertically ambulatory running. Okay, I can't run the fine. People love running. You like running? Do it. That's great. I think swimming is much better. Better for the knees and the whole body. Yeah. But the way between skipping. There's nothing more fun. Fu N N. And skipping. I don't care if it's a half a block. A full block two blocks. Skip. I mean, do it today. You just heard this, you know, you can't wait to get off. Can we go a bliss. I like the guilt. But I'm gonna you know, I'm going to go outside and I'm going to skip or I can skip in the house. So there's three levels of skipping one is skip, just skip, skip, skip, skip, I love it. Second Level is find somebody that you like, hold their hand and can't hold their hand. Just skip next to them say let's get together. And the third level the highest level. What did he Chen? Ah, yeah, I see you feeling it? Yeah, you can visualize it. You can feel it. Okay. Can I skip not like you? Can I move one foot in front of you? Not really. But who cares? I might I'm holding on to what? I have two grandsons, one's five and a half the others two and a half. And I'm imagining right now skipping with them. Is there anything more delightful? more fun, more positive purpose apart from Pleasant the world than that? No. Therefore go and do it. It will shift your perspective. It takes you back to when you were a little kid. Well, that's one thing we're going to we're going to finish on this high note how much time as you want. Oh, whoops. Let me go away with time stands was a great acronym. to rock your world kids. Time stands for thinking. It's miraculous every day. It also stands for teaching. It's miraculous every day. It also stands for knowing that it's miraculous every day. Time. How much time do you have? What do we do with our time? Yeah. So I wanted to go on a high note about something that affects everybody. Because it has to do with time, right? That has to do with age, age is interesting three letter word. So I'm going to share with everybody an insight that almost rises to the level of skipping. It's almost as good as dog poop and breathing. Practice and saying thank you. When you internalize this, you're just gonna you're gonna rock you're gonna say Melissa I just love listening to you and that that guy that not that stands we're never underestimate thanking is all about who you are. This, by the way. speaks more to women than men. For some reason. Women get more some thing about age. Okay, age is fascinating everybody everybody has for ages. Once you get over the age of 21 Pick this to resonate. So, chronologically, I'm 73. Okay, so number. metabolically, I'm 46 To swim two miles a day, six days a week alone, I'd be willing to bet that 98.7% of everybody listening could not swim two miles a day, nonstop. 100 plus minutes without stopping. Okay, fine. My mental acuity is 28. How do I know that? Because I work with a lot of 28 year olds 25 to 30 on the internet and building websites and discussing and doing things like that. And knowing the acronyms sometimes Wouldn't they do because when they use acronyms like API, well, I look it up to make sure I know what it means. Okay, but the fourth age is the critical one. My So w is eight. So I'm 73. chronologically. 46, metabolically? 28 mental acuity and my so wha and people saying, Okay, sure. What's it so w i know it could be limited, it could be solved. That's a pig. I know. You're not that. It could be so we've got goals of flow or maybe going to plants anyway. So W stands for sense of wonder. Sand house under you said it purposely and wonderful Melissa kipping takes you back to when you were a kid. That's right. You want to be somewhere between eight and 10. You don't want to get over double digits. No, and a little bit before eight, seven, maybe but you know, get that to between eight and 10. The world is filled with wonder ever everywhere everything wonder you're on the concrete. And all of a sudden you see a little something shooting up between the cracks in the concrete. Right. And you look and you stop. I do this with my five and a half year old grandson I pointed out I say look at look at it. Yeah. Oh yeah. Wow. So he doesn't just like he gets down. You know, you're too old when you lost your marbles, marbles, your marbles. So look. For ages, you have a chronological age, you have a modern metabolic age, you have a mental acuity age and your S O W. Make sure that your S O W is somewhere between eight and 10. Not over 10. And you're going to be okay. You can have if two perspective. You're going to love dog poop you're going to breathe, you're gonna take action. Because you're there you recognize that life is to be live. When you live life to the full, you bring joy to the world number journey. Have you on the bright side? Got all those flowers all around you. Everything, everything. Whether it's raining and snowing, hailing? Who cares? That's cold weather. what's your what's your self talk? Who are you doing some questions? Who are you? Then you find out who you are. That's number two. What do you do? Well, I build something called the joy of living community. The joy building community actually we're just launching it in we're merge lineup. We're launching it in August 18. And it's 1000s of people will be joining it's all $10 a month I did it just because if you don't charge something people don't like it. No way the book but the book is subsidized by somebody so somebody's paying for it. Xander for $10 a month. You get me you get people like Alyssa Duncan to have on the shows and sharing and giving and creating the kind of place you want to live in. You want to be involved with like minded people from all over the world because we're dealing with mental well being your well being the joy of living community. Wow. Yeah, it's a wall words of wisdom words of wonder. So W for ages, everybody is for ages. That's awesome, isn't it? I got to have to talk with Trinity about this when you go on your camping trip? Oh, yes. Yes, for sure. Yes, she was the one I pictured skipping with and I'm like, Can we skip tomorrow camping and not fall on our face in the gravel. Do though taking action with this as you are if you finish this take up your headset and go open the door and just skip through the apartment or like No, I know I'm gonna I'm gonna take the essence of Melissa the reason she's Bright is not because of her last name is Bright. Because she's chosen choice. Not chance determines your destiny. She's chosen to take stuff that happens. Okay, enabling self success. I am successful. I want to share shares. This was spreading happiness and rejuvenating energy. If you're a beacon, you are a beam of light in this world, use it to the best spiritual chiropractor that you would like to flaunt your words and your deeds and good and wild dog poop. Yep. Oh my gosh, I love it. I love it. I love it. Okay, Barry, is there anything else? I have one last question for you. You don't even know this question yet. Oh, I like questions. Coming. It's wonderful. Do you have anything else you want to share? We've talked about your book. We haven't talked about your smile cards. Do you want to talk about those would love to speak about is so important. As I said, smiles is one of the greatest acronyms that you could ever internalize, utilize and leverage in your life. Smile stands for seeing miracles life everyday I am blessed many times over years before I became paralyzed. I got a card in the mail for a friend of mine. A little letter he said, I thought I think you'll like this. And he sent me a card. And let's I don't know, bigger than a bird. Not a breadbasket. But let's say four inches by six inches. And on the front that reads Keep smiling on the back. It reads the value of a smile. Nice words. Yeah. That's really cool. I like this. And I had this idea. Immediately. I took action on it, Melissa, this is the key. This transformed my life and the life of millions of people around the planet I'm telling. And by the way I say these words. I'm not exaggerating, right, people you can see it on the website, some famous world famous celebrities, Matthew McConaughey. You know, just Yeah, I got the card. I said, I called my friend said, Hey, this is really great. Do you mind if I make copies and give them out? And he's laughing said well, I was hoping you'd say that. So I went to like Danny, my friend, the printer that Danny can print up 100 of these cards, and said, okay, like, print them next day, pick them up, and I started giving them out, like giving out sunflowers, you know, to people like that, not just to my friends, people I met in the street. I kept my pocket. And I gave out 100 I think it took me three days. But here's the best part. I went back to James and Danny, can you print the 1000? Okay, just how much code Okay, fine. Print 1000. So I got 1000 These cars, that's a lot 1000 cars, right? I started can you be giving away and I found that when I gave to people's oftentimes people did not so can I have another one? So when you give to somebody so I was giving to and sometimes I met people and they said can I a bunch? Came 1000 In less than 60 days. 1000 Right. Well, wait a minute. I think something's happening here in the world. Jenny, can we print 10,000 He said 10,000 You know, that's not chump change. He said, Hey, I'm not a chump. Okay. 1000 we did and in the meantime while he's printing I'm contacting now by the way, this is 20 years ago, so is what the year 2000 2001 And it's it's before Tik Tok and Instagram and I mean lots of stuff. Give me a car's like contacted friends to parts of the country that would you like Sunday they say well, what are they said and let me send it to you. Okay, fine. 10,000 cards. Oh my gosh, I gave out and I say now we because we have helped you became distributors, right. 10,000 cards in less than six months. Melissa, I knew that this was world changing for me, for people so I always think about teaching always loving kindness. It helps me I'd see that it helps other people write family friends, all living beings. So now fast forward, more than three and a half million cards have been given out worldwide, all for free in 27 different languages. And now we have a life affirmation cards. The one like smile see miracles and life everyday is another one. Everyone everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about each other over reads be kind always ah millions and millions of cards given out we continue to do now we just charged for posted so you go on the website. Calm, gotta keep smiling order cards cards are free. People order them by the 10s by the hundreds sometimes I have some people some distributors that order 600 cards every single month. Gosh, that is amazing. Yeah, you know, we're I'm a pothead. I love pot, The Power of Thinking the power of thanking it. is the ability to recognize that when you become a giver, that your life shifts. So what happens? Now I give out a keep smiling card to somebody, I asked him, Are you having a good day or a great day? So it depends on the end, some people say good, I'm gonna say great. So whatever they say, From now on, it's a great day, give them a great day card, keep smiling. And I asked him, I said, you have somebody love, they say, Yeah, give it to somebody love. And now that you've given you can receive only by giving, that you're able to receive that's opening up those channels of giving and receiving. So millions and millions of cars have been given out, and we continue to do it. And because we're in now in the 2020s, go to the website, and you can send electronically, anywhere in the world. These keep smiling and life affirming cards. Anyway, we urge everybody go there, send them because I'm five at a time just for people. We have one organization and has 4000 young people when I say young people under the age of 26, yeah, anything twice. And they give out twice a week they do a Monday and Thursday, each one gives five cards. And they're giving out 10s of 1000s. Oh my gosh, around the world, we haven't been Chinese, we haven't been friendly. Yeah. Around the world to people giving out cards when I was growing up used to call pen pals. Because that is you can give for free, zero costs, which is always great. By the way physical, sometimes people love it even more. Big deal. But this is completely electronic and you're giving out to 1000s of people around the world doesn't cost you a penny. And all you're doing is spreading joy, happiness, peace and love. Who doesn't want to do that, because you will be happier, healthier, and wealthier, you're guaranteed, or your money back. So, so very true. And I just think that is so amazing. I was looking at the cards earlier, and I saw all the different languages in them. And that's just incredible to know how far it's reached in the world and how long it's been going on. I mean, it's just, it has to feel so good to be able to do that and help people maybe in a serious time of need that they got that card and it just gave them faith gave them you know, like, oh my gosh, there's they're still good in the world or whatever it made them think. I think it's amazing. There are I can tell you at least 22 people because they've written to us. Yeah, who were saved from suicide, because that's just playing to people we know about right. And Bevin, you can go the website, Barry choi.com scroll down, you'll see a picture of Oprah Winfrey next to her that picture of a guy named Jack Canfield, whose name you may not know but you know, he's the co author of the most the largest selling title in the history of printing outside the Bible called Chicken Soup for the Soul. I knew you were gonna say that. I knew it. And I wasn't even sure if that I didn't remember his name, but I knew that too. You're talking about Yeah, interviews me it's worth it's worth watching this video. I'm just yeah, this is one of the sections I talked about. One of the people Her name is Heather. Who was saved even by a keep smiling card. Yeah, it's when you again dog poop doing of good power one person when you recognize who you are. Your soul experiencing life fully teaching always love and kindness and say yeah, baby, but don't you know? I say yeah, I know. I've been through stuff, right? Still have stuff in my life. So stress stomach turning reality, enabling self success. If you choose to be successful, yes. Choose choice. Not chance determines your destiny. You've got it. Yep. God loves you. I love it. I love it. Are you ready for your question? Yes. Awesome. All right. So I asked my guests this question every at the end of every episode. So Barry, in your own words. Oh, what does the bright side of life mean to you? There should be an easy one for you. The Bright Side of Life means to me the ability to serves and to give and to enable everyone and anyone that I speak to. To touch the positive, purposeful All Powerful pleasant essence of you that was our first singing response that was beautiful very That was beautiful. I cannot thank you enough for coming on here and just share everything all your acronyms I'm gonna have to go back and listen to this and write them all down I was trying to write them all down and I've I gave up after like the fifth acronym. Well you know something, having a fifth is a bit much so let's can we do things I like to give a hug to you and thereby the 10s of 1000s of people watching will quick blessings everybody okay? Absolutely. Hugs stands for is a great acronym. Felt unlimited giving heartfelt unlimited giving three wonderful Melissa 123 Yes, I love it. I love it was saying from the Listen Barry is Goforth, live exists exuberantly. Spread the seeds of joy, happiness, peace and love. go mad go make a difference. Barry, thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you guys so much for listening to this joyous episode. was Barry not amazing. He literally gave us so many different practical things that we can start doing and in our lives right now. He also is giving us his free book, which you guys gotta go do do that at Berry shore.com. You can email him there, I believe or I'll put his email in the show notes also. So you don't gotta worry about that. And yeah, just go check out his website. He has those smiling movement. He has so many things and he just wants to spread joy and to help people. And he is just a huge, huge inspiration. And I'm so happy that I got to have him on my podcast. And I hope you guys so got so much out of this episode. As you guys know if you guys know anyone that needs to hear Barry's episode, please please share it with them. Because we never know if this is the one that puts hope back in their heart. Some of you may or may not know that I have been on a huge healing journey and transformation for the last two years. And it has so much helped me with a lot of my people pleasing tendencies. And if you're someone that is looking to worry less and stop second guessing your decisions and start doing more of what actually makes you happy without always searching for the approval of others than this might be for you. I am putting together a pilot program to teach a small handful of people how to do exactly what I did to stop people pleasing and become more confident using my exact process. So if you're interested and would like to be the first notified when this progress is when this program is made available. I want you guys to click on the link in the show notes that says people pleaser no more waitlist that is going to put you on a waitlist for when I make that announcement when I open the doors to that

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Known as the “Ambassador of JOY,” Barry Shore is a mental health activist, philanthropist, multi-patent holding entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcaster, and former quadriplegic who is now swimming around the world!

After a rare disease paralyzed Barry from the neck down, he created the JOY of LIVING Institute™ (a platform that teaches people to live in joy, no matter the situation), The Keep Smiling movement that has reached multiple celebrities and distributed millions of “Keep Smiling” cards worldwide, and his philanthropic platform featured in Oprah’s Magazine.

Barry’s podcast, The JOY of LIVING, is heard globally by hundreds of thousands and has over three million downloads.

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