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Amazing conversations! :)

Mel is born to do this. She has a heck of a story, and her willingness to be open, vulnerable and also give hope to others means this is one heck of a special show. It also means that she is able to have very deep and impactful conversations with her guests, and truly bring some much needed Bright to our world.

An Amazing Platform

Melissa provided me with a safe and comfortable platform to share my story. She has an infectiously bright personality that makes talking about even difficult topics easy. It was like sitting down and talking with a friend!


I love listening to the podcast when I can. Most of the ones I listened to I've learned something or can relate.

The Bright Side Spreads Light

Sharing my story on the Bright Side of Life was freeing. It was a step toward healing. What I didn’t know is that so many would resonate with my story and in turn I’d resonate with theirs helping me to not feel so alone. I didn’t know it would open doors of communication and allow others to feel empowered to face their own struggles, bring it to the light, and experience their own freedom through relational connections and just giving a voice to what they overcame. This podcast is so much more and Melissa has a gift to draw people in and stories out. She has the most endearing smile, genuine laugh, and spreads her light on others. Happy One Year Bright Side. Look at you go, Melissa!!!!!!

Helpful, useful, real….

This is one of the most practical and useful podcasts I have ever listened to! This podcast asks people to share what they’re honestly going through, without the effort of trying to make it all seem fine to others. Mel doesn’t hold back on sharing her own experiences either. It is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes both, this podcast lets you know you’re not alone and there is still happiness, peace, and joy in life. It’s a journey, there’s healing, there is a bright side of life. 🌻💛

So helpful, useful, real….

One of the most helpful and useful podcasts I’ve found in a long time. This podcast asks people to share what they’re honestly going through, without the effort of trying to make it all seem fine to others. Mel doesn’t hold back on sharing her own experiences either. It is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes both, this podcast lets you know you’re not alone and there is still happiness, peace, and joy in life. It’s a journey, there’s healing, there is a bright side of life. 🌻💛

Living Brighter!

One of my new favorite podcasts to listen to! It’s entertaining, raw, uplifting, and it’s just real people talking about real life stuff that we can all relate to and learn from 👍🏼👍🏼


How can you not feel brighter and better after listening to this show? Love it!!

Amazing work!

Melissa does an excellent job of coming up with questions to really get to the depth of a conversation. Transformative conversations exist in each episode. And, as a guest, she couldn’t have been easier to talk to. Highly recommend!

An Inspiring Podcast!

I love the title of the podcast and I enjoyed listening and getting to know Melissa. Thank you for all you do. Keep up the great work. ;)

You’re doing God’s work

Such an AMAZING podcast, and I’m grateful to have found it. In the last month, I’ve listened to several, and I love the rawness, vulnerability and candor of your guests. These conversations are helping people find strength, and ensuring they don’t feel alone. Thank you Melissa for starting the conversations, that mean so much to us all.


I was recently a guest on the show and Melissa was so welcoming, she has a great platform and is doing a really awesome thing for positivity in people.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Love your Podcast! I started listening when you did your story on Fred Harrison. I use to work with Fred many moons ago, but I didn’t know all the details of his marriage. He, and others have inspired me. Thanks for putting on such a great show!

Fantastic Podcast

I love this Podcast! Melissa is such a great host covering some really difficult subjects! This podcast wil l help lots of people who may also be struggling with life! I’m sure this brilliant content is saving lives!!!

Absolutely Wonderful!

It is so important to share other peoples stories! Melissa does a wonderful job with her podcast to bring awareness to many things that I can personally relate too! I really love listening to this podcast

New to listening

I find the podcasts I have listened to so far, to be very pleasant! Knowing I am not the only person who feels I am blessed but still struggling to keep my head on straight!

So inspiring

I love listening to other people's stories and how they have overcome their struggles. Melissa is great at what she does, I'm so glad she has this podcast.

Love this podcast

Melissa Bright is a phenomenal interviewer. She has people who tell amazing stories of over coming obstacles in their life’s. I don’t miss a episode!

Awesome show!

I love your show! I love the questions you ask and the raw truth answers that are given that help people not feel alone. Keep it up! Your going to changes lives one show at a time!


I love how you have different stories each week. My excitement for the week is when you post a new story. Thank you for what you do.

Sharing your story is healing!

Love the stories shared on this podcast! Real. honest. truthful. I am part of the podcast sharing my story with student loan debt. ❤ I There is a power in story telling. What a soul healing podcast! ❤ Melissa, girl you are changing the world one story at a time!



Amazing content!

Inspiring stories! So thankful for Melissa starting this podcast.

Excellent show

Love Melissa! Great show. Highly recommended.

Great Podcast!

Melissa, your voice is pleasing to listen to and the stories your podcast offers are truly inspirational! I can’t wait to listen to all of your episodes! Well done!


Do yourself a favor and let the lovely voice of Melissa bright enter your ear holes. She is very caring, thoughtful, and gives people who had struggles in their life a platform to talk about it with somebody. All the while helping somebody else feel like they are not alone.

I love this Podcast

There is so much in each one story that is relatable to me and the things going on in my life! It’s great to hear that I’m not the only one, and things do get better!

What an amazing podcast!

This is a great podcast, I love it!!

Real life

I love that these are real life stories told from the heart. So much that I have been able to relate to within the series. Thank you for this!!

This a refreshing listen

I really enjoy these stories. The podcast is executed well. I love the pin in the name too.

Wonderfully done podcast!

I have always thought how important it was to know other peoples stories. It’s so important to know that everyone is going through or has gone through something. And it’s nice to know that there’s people that have gone through the same thing as you. It’s not always easy to hear them, but this podcast allows for that. And in such an easy to listen to way. I look forward to these podcasts every week. Thank you for doing such an amazing job, and helping people know they aren’t alone in the world. ❤️

The bright side of life

These podcasts are very helpful, Melissa does very well asking the right questions, she is very interesting and keeps my attention through the whole podcasts. Thanks to all those who tell there story.

Truly Finding the Light Through the Darkness

This is a wonderful podcast which tackles very difficult life situations that are relatable to us all. Melisa does an amazing job of helping people share their stories as well as sharing their Grace. Highly recommend!

Normalizing tough seasons

There needs to be more focus on the positive in the midst or aftermath of life’s storms. What you’re doing with this podcast is helping others to not feel alone and guiding them through. You’re normalizing that seasons of life happen and we can get through. Thank you for that.

Real and heartfelt

Sometimes hearing the words come from someone else’s mouth to let you know that you’re not alone in your storm is the best thing and I think you can find that here. I was also reminded that there is hope on the other side, that people’s strength is a beautiful thing!


So amazing to have something to listen to, to let people know they aren’t alone and people go through crazy things too! I LOVE IT!!

Learn how to look at the Bright side of life.

Everyone has a story that can help encourage someone else. These stories inspired me to reflect on my life and how I can find the joy and happiness through it all. Melissa is a great listener and is able to ask questions that bring the details full circle. I’m excited to watch this podcast grow.