Kate Vrastak

The Perfect Storm-The Power Of Forgiveness

Kate Vrastak, she is a Canadian mental health professional in Social Services with certifications in Grief Therapy, Suicide Prevention, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ABA, Shamanism and a Reiki Master. She has been an orphan since age thirteen helping trauma survivors find their voice and the power of forgiveness. She is a powerful role model as she found forgiveness for the murderers that took her entire family. She has developed and teaches effortless processes that allow individuals to fall in love with themselves.
In addition, Kate has a wealth of knowledge and expertice working with children, youth and adults who have various degrees of disabilities, depression, anxiety, Autism and PTSD. Her gift is to help orphans and trauma survivors find their voice, overcome their fears and live their best life.

Sept. 28, 2021

How to forigve so you can be at peace. Kate Vrastak's story on choosi…

Her whole family murdered before her very eyes, Kate Vrastak, the 13-year-old, became an orphan in a world she didn’t know. Surv…

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