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Meghan Judge

Podcaster/ Mom/ trauma survivor

We’ve all been told that we’re supposed to be something that we’re not. Whether it’s the pressure to look perfect, to stop being so sensitive, or to conform to other’s expectations of our identity. But we’ve all been put here for a reason, and we all deserve acceptance.

I am a trauma survivor from a very early age and have been diagnosed with Complex PTSD. I’ve been surrounded by death, abuse, and abandonment for much of my life. I’ve been dragged through the mud, and have been to the point of not wanting to go on anymore.

Through my interviews with other survivors, I’ve learned that there is a way out. From recovering to surviving and thriving, we all have the strength to come out to the other side.

Dec. 14, 2021

Surviving Trauma. Meghan Judge's story on surviving and thriving.

Meghan Judge is a trauma survivor from a very early age and has been diagnosed with Complex PTSD. She has been surrounded by dea…

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