March 16, 2021

Learning how to heal after loss. Megan's story of losing her daughter, healing through therapy, then becoming a grief coach to help other Moms heal.

*This episode may act as a trigger for some as it covers a topic of sensitive nature.*

In this episode I talk with a woman named Megan who shares her story of losing her daughter Aria at only the age of 15 months old. She was diagnosed with PTSD and lived a terrifying year. After she dug herself out of the hole she was in, she became a grief coach, who is now supporting other grieving women through their grief experience. She helps them navigate the difficult and intense emotions of loss, so that they can find life after loss.

Megan shares some of her own coaching methods including: Grief Method for living with grief instead of suffering with grief. She also discusses feeling the difficult emotions of grief, and how to care for yourself when you are grieving. 

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