July 12, 2021

Build a Podcast Website in 5 minutes!

Build a Podcast Website in 5 minutes!

     Where do I send listeners to listen to my podcast? What link should I post on social media for people to be able to find my podcast?

These are two common questions new podcasters ask. With so many platforms to listen to podcasts on, it can be overwhelming with where to send your listeners to.

So why not send them to a direct website that offers all the platforms in one spot, and so much more! This is where Podpage comes in! 

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But before start talking about them, let first talk about the benefits of having your own website for your podcast. 

Here a just a couple reasons why you want to have a website for your podcast:

-More discoverable 

Trying to get new listeners is every podcaster's goal. When you have a website loaded with tons of your great content, and is SEO friendly, you increase your chances of people finding your podcast and subscribing. 

-Search Engine Optimization 

One of the most important benefits of having a website for your podcast is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a very powerful tool to grow your audience organically. SEO helps search engines find your content and put it in front of people who are searching for information that is related to specific keywords and phrases that are found on your website.

-Added Value

Of course your podcast already has tons of value, but having a website gives you the opportunity to add even more for your listeners! This could be bonus content, blogs posts, and more. 

-Looks Professional

Yes, hosting platforms offer their own websites for podcasts, but they can lack some important things that podcasters might want. For some podcasters, podcasting isn’t just a hobby, this is part of their business, and they need a professional website to match that. 

-Capturing Emails 

This is one of the most important reasons to have a website. When you have your own website you can get people to sign up for emails. This offers you another way of communicating with your listeners and creating even more of a relationship with them. You then also have the opportunity to email them about new episodes, bonus content and more. 

     So now that we have covered a couple benefits of having your own website, now let’s talk about actually building one in 5 minutes!

This is where Podpage comes in.Podpage is a website builder that is specifically for podcasters.

You can automatically create a beautiful, listener-friendly podcast site from your RSS feed.

You can customize the design to create a professional look in a few clicks. There is no coding or technical knowledge necessary.

Here’s why I love Podpage:  

  1. Made specifically for Podcasters:

Episode Pages. Automatically created, search engine optimized pages for every episode.

Media Players. Podpage automatically uses your podcast host’s media player.

Transcripts. Display your episode’s transcript alongside your show notes.

Guest Profiles. Create pages and profiles for all of your guests.

  • No technical knowledge necessary

Instant. Build out your website in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

Automated. Your Podpage will automatically update whenever you release a new episode.

Easy. Podcasters constantly rave about how much easier Podpage is than Wordpress. 

  • Engage with your audience 

Mailing List. Collect email addresses for your mailing list to contact your listeners directly.

Contact Form. Make it easy for your listeners to send you an email.

Comments. Encourage listeners to discuss and comment on every episode.

Voicemails. Ask listeners to send you voicemails to play on your show.

  • Integrated with podcaster services

Build an email list with Mailchimp, Convertkit, and more. 

Track analytics with Google, Facebook, and more. 

Import and share reviews from Apple Podcasts. 

Monetize your audience with Patreon, BuyMeACoffee, Supercast and more. 

     So that’s it! This is why I love Podpage so much! I had my website, The Bright Side of Life literally set up in 5 minutes.

This includes my brand colors, and a couple other changes! It is everything I need and more for my podcast.

And I can’t write about Podpage without mentioning their customer support and amazing Facebook Community page.

Brenden and his employees are always so quick to answer questions and are constantly adding new features to the website builder for podcasters. 

If you would like to use use Podpage to build your website, you can go here. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!