Sarah Burrows

Career Coach

I grew up in the countryside in the UK, I had a lovely upbringing, and some really good friends.

December 2018, I received two phone calls, the first to tell me that my best friends boyfriend had died, the second to tell me my best friend had also died.

I recall my mum saying that there would be lessons to be learnt, at the time I couldn't see past the immediate fog and grief.

I had grown up with a relatively positive mindset, and in my early 20's I worked on a military recovery programme which also aided my perspective on life and the problems we face.

However, I know now that this taught me a lot and fuels a lot of the way I live now.

Firstly, she knew me better than I new myself, so I have done lots of self-reflection and learning since.

It also made me understand that the cliché is true. Life is too short. Tomorrow is not a guarantee.

So the bright side of life is to be unapologetic in my quest for happiness and content. To be relentless in my method and to be present and enjoy the ride not the 'end goal', in both my health, career and relationships. It has helped me define my career and spurred me to help others do the same.

Oct. 19, 2021

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