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Real life

I love that these are real life stories told from the heart. So much that I have been able to relate to within the series. Thank you for this!!

This a refreshing listen

I really enjoy these stories. The podcast is executed well. I love the pin in the name too.

Wonderfully done podcast!

I have always thought how important it was to know other peoples stories. It’s so important to know that everyone is going through or has gone through something. And it’s nice to know that there’s people that have gone through the same thing as you. It’s not always easy to hear them, but this podcast allows for that. And in such an easy to listen to way. I look forward to these podcasts every week. Thank you for doing such an amazing job, and helping people know they aren’t alone in the world. ❤️

The bright side of life

These podcasts are very helpful, Melissa does very well asking the right questions, she is very interesting and keeps my attention through the whole podcasts. Thanks to all those who tell there story.

Truly Finding the Light Through the Darkness

This is a wonderful podcast which tackles very difficult life situations that are relatable to us all. Melisa does an amazing job of helping people share their stories as well as sharing their Grace. Highly recommend!

Normalizing tough seasons

There needs to be more focus on the positive in the midst or aftermath of life’s storms. What you’re doing with this podcast is helping others to not feel alone and guiding them through. You’re normalizing that seasons of life happen and we can get through. Thank you for that.

Real and heartfelt

Sometimes hearing the words come from someone else’s mouth to let you know that you’re not alone in your storm is the best thing and I think you can find that here. I was also reminded that there is hope on the other side, that people’s strength is a beautiful thing!


So amazing to have something to listen to, to let people know they aren’t alone and people go through crazy things too! I LOVE IT!!

Learn how to look at the Bright side of life.

Everyone has a story that can help encourage someone else. These stories inspired me to reflect on my life and how I can find the joy and happiness through it all. Melissa is a great listener and is able to ask questions that bring the details full circle. I’m excited to watch this podcast grow.