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Carrie Radnov

Prayerful Tapping Practitioner

The mission of Discover & Serve is to serve Body, Mind & Soul and promote emotional and physical vitality.
Our eventual goal is to host retreats where hurting people can be bathed in a healing culture with healthy food. It will be an oasis for stressed, grieving, overwhelmed, sad, and worn-out people.
In the meantime, we endeavor to soothe and comfort through our various resources including Prayerful Tapalongs and the Blankie Blog podcast.

Dec. 21, 2021

The benefits of EFT Tapping. Carrie's story on Prayerful tapping and …

About Carrie There are hurting people everywhere. I met them growing up. I met them in the hospital. I’ve met them in my Tapping…

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